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January 15, 2012


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Back from NipponLand~

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 15, 2012, 9:29 PM
Didn't want to leave ;3; Although it is nice to be back in nice warm Australian Summer XD
Hope everyone had a great start to 2012! Let's all enjoy ourselves before the world ends! :party:

Also have just been through about 20+ journals of people joining WorldCosplay site lmao
So in order to continue stalking delicious people Mad & I have made accounts~

Mine ~
Hers ~

And now Japan report aka photospam~

What I ate every day *p* jk~
Though we probably did eat an unhealthy amount of omuraisu lol

At TonaCos with Mallie! Cos'ed Vocaloid Poker Face~

Event was so much fun! Everyone was so amazing felt so ugly in comparison otl;;
But it was really fun to talk & exchange cards with people that we've admired for so long *A*
Almost died when some said they'd seen us on Cure >///<

Stash of beautiful cos cards ufufu~ My precious~

Most adorable Arashi cosplayers ever *AA*

And one more shot of us together XD

Also went to Comiket days 1 & 3~ Ah freezing our asses off in the giant lines early morning~ will totally not miss it XD But got to meet up with Tako &:icongk-reiko:!:glomp::love:

Delicious photobooks & Cos-Roms~ :heart:__:heart: Restrained myself from buying doujin this time XD;

New Years purikura! Went sales shopping with Tako & Mallie XD

Really wish they had fukubukuro in Aus too! *A*

At MilkyWay Cafe in Ikebukuro~ *p* Went with Jinxie & Tako~
In Drrr novel this is where Izaya watches people from lol Didn't get to sit in the exact seat though XD

Shooting Macross F at Studio!

Visited Nikko with :iconravient: Was so fricken cold! XDD Even started to snow lmao

Visited temples in the morning & then onto Edo Wonderland where it also snowed otl;

The displays & shows were really fun though *_*

I think the Youkai house was my fav though XD So cute! Reminded me of Nurarihyon XD

Swallowtail Butler Cafe! *A* Thankyou so much Reiko for taking us! Was really fun XD

Sad that they don't allow pictures though ;3; Totally stealing this one off the website lol
What Mad & I got~ Victoria set so yummy:drool:

And ofcourse purikura after~ XD

View from Sunshine Observatory~ Because we live in pretty much the middle of nowhere this view is insane to us XD

They were also having some K-on display thing there to promote the movie, neither of us watch it but because  I am a nice sister I made Mad pose in the weird tree thing anyway :)
I don't really understand what it has to do with K-on though..

MadoMagi cos with Mallie & :iconchar-min:! Did studio share with other cosers~

KyokoxSayaka yatta!:heart:

And my fav pic lol~

And what better place to go for dinner afterwards than Madoka Cafe? XD

Everyone ate Kyubey XD

Mad's one lol

Half the display was Madoka and..

The other half was TypeMoon!!
With Saber's Zero motorbike alsjkdlkasjd *AAAAAAAAAA*
Spent half the meal trying to figure out how I could steal it & ship it back to Aus~ XD

And next day was Disney!

Minami, Mad & I bought beautiful Jack hats! Mallie refused because she didn't want to look stupid,
but she had to walk around with us 3 idiots all day anyway so I think she should have just given in~

Queen of Hearts restaurant for dinner! Mad's plate btw only eating dessert how does she stay so skinny dammit!

The night parade & fireworks were so pretty *___*

Vocaloid familyyy~ @ C-studio so beautiful! & they even had their own purikura machine!

Minami especially seemed tp enjoy herself lol
& because she's still in Japan I can post these without her killing me ohoho 8D

I apologise for my manry Meiko orz.. on the brightside with a lighter colour wig I no longer look like Masamune in drag lol ..probably//

Have some adorable KaiMiku to heal your eyes~

Last shoot Macross again, this time with Jinxie! Double Ranka:heart:

And last dinner~! With Mallie, Jinxie, Reiko & Uley:heart::heart: Miss you guys!

Hope everyone else is enjoying their holidays!

Much love guys!


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shuichimeryl Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
>3< madoka cafe! chalet looks so funny!!!
can't wait to come back aussie and reading your blogTAT
char-min Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2012
why those pictures.....why -o-;;;; ill chicken u....
but it was so fun spending time with you guys again in tokyo!!! XDD
cant wait to travel more with you guys again wanwan!!
Crimsonyblack Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2012
I followed ^ - ^ I don't have any pics up yet but: [link] that's mine
Fuyu-no-Gekkou Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2012  Student General Artist
Wahhhh so nice :L
The arashi cosplayers omggg the ohno looks soooooo goood xD
How long did you guys stay? >w<
I'll be off on the 4th of Feb \O\
Hahaha I was surprised by the pokerface!photos cos I'm having mine next week myself hahahahah coincidence
Karakuri-nin Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2012
Omg look like so so so so much fun! Wished I could go too. >__< The Arashi cosplayers are really uncanny wwwwww
I spot some familiar ROMS/cure cards!! *_* Must be nice to interact and make friends there too. Love those Japanese and their fukubukuros concept! WHY ARE YOU TWO SO GORGEOUS-CUTE! Kyoko and Sayaka! >_< That's alot of location shoots and a really packed schedule! Location shoots are quite costly there right... D: BUT SO PRETTY THE PLACES *_* MEIKO-NEEEEE <3 hshshs
ireners Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2012  Hobbyist

looks like so much fun ;a;; welcome homee
GundamFamiglia Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2012
Cause all you asians look the same remember loll~
They were so cuteee;AA;

When can we meet?? need to give you that mizo shiru book~
ireners Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2012  Hobbyist
WHEN ARE YOU FREE??????????????????????????!!!!
breathless-ness Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2012
HOLY CRAP those Arashi cosplayers D'X I actually thought you met Ohno and Sho for a second!!
I can't believe how much they look like them *o*
Pyochi Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2012
Both of you are so lucky to have so many great friends in Japan! It sure looks you did have a great time, I'll be waiting to see more pictures! :D
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